MNC Cleaning Services was founded by Ms. Gloria Rodas who has 15 years of solid experience in the commercial cleaning industry, she personally manages the operations, is responsible for selecting and training all employees, and will pursue 100 % customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Our Vision

MNC wants to institutionalize the efficient cleaning of time‐share units and to grow to be recognized in Pinellas County as an outstanding provider of reliable, efficient and cost effective commercial cleaning services.

Our Mission

The mission of MNC is to develop long term relationships with our commercial customers by providing standards of cleanliness that meet or exceed their needs and expectations and delivering quality services consistently at competitive prices. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining a team of quality employees determined to work hard and persevere.

MNC is currently covered with liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

We are licensed, bonded, incorporated and our focus is to save customer’s time and money while delivering excellent customer service.